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No Worries (Hard Working Woman Tribute)

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By Qubn Blacq | June 1, 2016


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My No Worries song is something major, I dedicate it to hard-working Queens working, sometimes 2 gigs, and taking care of home, all by their lonely.

Here is where the inspiration came from

Exploring the dating scene, I found myself coming across more women with children then not.   You have some women that won’t reveal that they have kids until a few dates sometimes longer, at the same time You have some women that will let you know up front about their children. Then you get into the conversation about the kids, about the fathers, if they are in their lives, not in their lives, ways they contribute or not,  then the topic on the women themselves.

They get up early, get the kids ready for whatever, go to a full-time job, working overtime, and a lot of them leave a full time 8 hour job, and go to a part-time 4 hour plus job, sometimes with no days off, with zero Help.

My Moms went through the same thing, 2 boys, didn’t go after child support,  as a kid my moms had living hard camouflage like the good life, so I see where they at.

I don’t mind being involved with a woman with children, there are a lot of guys that don’t and a lot that do. I think about my people a lot and the struggle of life, that shouldn’t be put on our shoulders.

Us Black men must stop running from family, and help rebuild these families.  Show these boys and girls that black men make things happen, Black men respect women by respecting their mothers, Black men showing these boys what’s  feminine, and men don’t behave in this feminine manner that we see today, and showing these girls examples of the type of men to bring into their lives.

I wrote No Worries to let women know that we are out here, and we can Hanlitt together, and give them props, plenty much love and respect.

So Please take a listen, if you like it, buy it, share it, tell your people, tell me what you think. No Worries is in all the digital online music stores, iTunes, tidal, amazon, Spotify, ect….

Visit the website, friend  me and follow, i got more music coming.  Plenty much love, Qubn Blacq.

Listen to: No Worries



Hanlitt Entertainment has been interviewed

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Hanlitt Entertainment interview with D. Cox:

HANLITT Entertainment


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