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No Worries (Hard Working Woman Tribute)

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By Qubn Blacq | June 1, 2016


No Worries 500x500

My No Worries song is something major, I dedicate it to hard-working Queens working, sometimes 2 gigs, and taking care of home, all by their lonely.

Here is where the inspiration came from

Exploring the dating scene, I found myself coming across more women with children then not.   You have some women that won’t reveal that they have kids until a few dates sometimes longer, at the same time You have some women that will let you know up front about their children. Then you get into the conversation about the kids, about the fathers, if they are in their lives, not in their lives, ways they contribute or not,  then the topic on the women themselves.

They get up early, get the kids ready for whatever, go to a full-time job, working overtime, and a lot of them leave a full time 8 hour job, and go to a part-time 4 hour plus job, sometimes with no days off, with zero Help.

My Moms went through the same thing, 2 boys, didn’t go after child support,  as a kid my moms had living hard camouflage like the good life, so I see where they at.

I don’t mind being involved with a woman with children, there are a lot of guys that don’t and a lot that do. I think about my people a lot and the struggle of life, that shouldn’t be put on our shoulders.

Us Black men must stop running from family, and help rebuild these families.  Show these boys and girls that black men make things happen, Black men respect women by respecting their mothers, Black men showing these boys what’s  feminine, and men don’t behave in this feminine manner that we see today, and showing these girls examples of the type of men to bring into their lives.

I wrote No Worries to let women know that we are out here, and we can Hanlitt together, and give them props, plenty much love and respect.

So Please take a listen, if you like it, buy it, share it, tell your people, tell me what you think. No Worries is in all the digital online music stores, iTunes, tidal, amazon, Spotify, ect….

Visit the website, friend  me and follow, i got more music coming.  Plenty much love, Qubn Blacq.

Listen to: No Worries



Watch Muhammad Ali’s Funeral Live — Boom 107.9 Philly

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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is being laid to rest today.

via Watch Muhammad Ali’s Funeral Live — Boom 107.9 Philly

Why the United States Taking Gay Rights global.

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A statement released from the White house saying President Obama is disappointed with Uganda President Museveni decision on signing a anti homosexual bill that will criminalize homosexuality.  Obama says, “it will be a set back for all around the world, that share commitment in freedom, justice, and equality.  As a country and a people, the United States has consistently stood for fundamental freedoms and universal human rights.”

What’s with this big push for universal homosexual rights, it can’t be about human rights, because the United States put up blinders for other human rights.  Museveni sign several bills against human rights, and nothing said. Not all states in America has legalized gay marriages, we have a crime rate that’s out of control rite in the heart of Chicago,  with schools shutting down, and our government is worried about Uganda human rights for gays, there are several people wanting to end any relationship the United States have with Uganda because of this.

Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC island

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By WCBD News
Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, is spending time in the Lowcountry.

WCBD  confirmed the American business magnate is at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island.

Suspicion was raised when nearly 20 very expensive jets were seen lined up at the Charleston International Airport on Johns Island.

Officials with the Beach Company confirmed to WCBD that other big names such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, TV host Oprah Winfrey and Billionaire Warren Buffet flew into the Charleston Executive airport on Johns Island Wednesday night.

Other prominent people said to also be staying there this weekend are  Jeb Bush and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

 The famous guests were attending a two day long conference led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Officials say the meeting was about the foundation Gates and his wife Linda run.

The meeting rented out the entire Sanctuary Hotel on the gated island. Security has been high throughout the entire week, keeping the public away from the hotel.

WCBD spoke to the Mayor of Kiawah by phone who said the town is happy to serve as host to the event.

  “We wish them luck with what they’re doing,” Mayor Charles Lipuma said. “If they want to play golf, they couldn’t have picked a better weekend. We are glad we could offer them great weather.”

Nearly 20 jets parked at Charleston International Airport on Johns Island raised questions… (Source: WCBD)

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Hanlitt wit the Jump-Off

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Hanlitt got that Balance and about to Jump it off.
Performance by C. Preest, Abdullah, and Blacqgang Bosses. All you rappers that got flame, sign up.
Wed April 24th. Let’s have a good time.

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Many reemed U.S. VP Joe Biden for not kissing the Pope Ring, a friendly hand shake should be enough Respect. What you think.

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Dignity trumps ring-kissing etiquette, U.S. VP Joe Biden says | CTV News.

Hanlitt Entertainment has been interviewed

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Hanlitt Entertainment interview with D. Cox:

HANLITT Entertainment

The New Illinois state Director (Thumbs up)

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New Illinois State Director
For the Young Elected Officials Network
CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL – February 28, 2013 – Prairie State College Trustee Wendell Mosby is now the newly appointed Illinois State Director for The Young Elected Officials Network (YEO). Mosby joined the YEO Network in 2011 after being elected the youngest ever Board of Trustees member of Prairie State Community College District #515 at the age 33.

The YEO program is designed to enhance the role of members within the network. The role of State Director is offered to members who wish to take on a leadership role within the network in their state.  
“We are very excited to have Wendell on board as our Illinois State Director,” said Alyssa Hernandez Board Member for Rich Township School District 227 and Mosby’s YEO sponsor.  “He has proven himself a leader countless times and I know that he will do an outstanding job,” she continued.
       1. Assist in the recruitment of potential YEOs within Illinois.
       2. Assist YEO staff in connecting YEOs in Illinois to resources available from the YEO Network.
       3. Provide connections between the YEO Network and state & local progressive organizations. 

Wendell with Alyssa Hernandez in Los Angeles, CA at a Policy Academy on Education Reform. 12/8/2012
About the YEO Network

The mission of the Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network is to unite and support progressive elected leaders who share a passion for building communities that reflect values of freedom, fairness and opportunity. The YEO Network supports elected leaders ages 35 and under, as they define issues, develop solutions, and respond to the needs of their communities. By exchanging ideas, developing leadership skills and connecting with policy development organizations, YEO Network members will be empowered to transform their political vision into progressive action

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Chicago New Public Enemy #1 is more Gangster then Al Capone

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The Flu

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