Why the United States Taking Gay Rights global.

A statement released from the White house saying President Obama is disappointed with Uganda President Museveni decision on signing a anti homosexual bill that will criminalize homosexuality.  Obama says, “it will be a set back for all around the world, that share commitment in freedom, justice, and equality.  As a country and a people, the United States has consistently stood for fundamental freedoms and universal human rights.”

What’s with this big push for universal homosexual rights, it can’t be about human rights, because the United States put up blinders for other human rights.  Museveni sign several bills against human rights, and nothing said. Not all states in America has legalized gay marriages, we have a crime rate that’s out of control rite in the heart of Chicago,  with schools shutting down, and our government is worried about Uganda human rights for gays, there are several people wanting to end any relationship the United States have with Uganda because of this.


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